Friday, May 29, 2015

My fitness frenzy

Focused and Ready!

Since my last post I still have been active in the gym and sticking to my workouts.  I even got my husband to join the gym too! 

I didn't really stuck to my low carb diet but that will soon change.  Before my trip to NY I wasn't really doing to bad in the gym but I wasn't really focused either.  It was more like a chore.  I just made it feel like I had to get up and go but didn't really feel the whole vibe.  After coming back from our trip tho something changed.  I just looked at the whole thing differently.  I felt good when I first started this fitness frenzy, I ate good, felt good, I worked out daily, I was determined.  

What changed? Why did it change? What could I have done differently? So much was going thru my mind and I was feeling drained in my body.

I have been doing a lot of research online, youtube videos, reading books; on workouts, health, eating, weight lifting, etc. and each time I do I get more and more pumped to do this for me.  I'm finally understanding a lil more but I have a lot to learn.

So I have decided one step to get my fitness to a good start is to blog about it.  I want to do a daily log, list of workouts, a gym terminology, health, eating, journal and who knows what else I may find on my way down this new fitness path.  I need to stay focused, hang out with those that motivate me, eat better, and just stay on track.  This is a life long change for me.

I of course have a passion to be in the kitchen so don't worry I won't stop posting my fun kitchen adventures as well. *wink*

Wish me luck! 

Stay tuned...