Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pan de Marranitos

My new year started out with my son breaking out in hives, suffering from his allergies and asthma then on top of that I woke up sick and back to the flu that I was just getting over from Thanksgiving. Lovely start right? :)

Did you make any goals for 2015? 
One of my goals this year is to jump back into my blog and keep up with my recipe postings and sharing more of my adventures on catering, cooking and home classes.  So you will be seeing more of me and lots of new changes. *yippy*

This years goals are:
Home cooking classes
Baking *YIKES, I can cook but baking scares me!*
meal/app trays
new dishes
healthier eating
continue bootcamps/workouts
build muscle and lose fat
more energy &
say "NO!" more often.  This is a hard one for me as I like to make people happy.  I tend to do things for others and get nothing in return when I ask for a favor. :(

Where I am in this town there is lil to no bakeries.  Of course, you have your grocery store bakeries but I want a real bakery with fresh made breads and a great selection. This has been something that has been hard to find around here unless I drive miles and miles away to get it and that is just something I am not willing to do with my already busy schedule.
So, for my first tackle on baking is making something that is hard to find for my dad in the mornings. A Mexican bread that is one of my favorites to have with my coffee in the mananita (morning). 
I don't have the pig cookie cutter yet so I just used a heart shaped cutter I had (remember I am not supplied with baking supplies) in the drawer. So my bread is called pan de amor instead of pan de marranitos. *wink*
They turned out very yummy and my house smelled nice all day!

Recipe can be found here  pan de marranitos