Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Bootcamp was a good workout (leg day) but I felt so out of juice. Today's workout was: sit ups, tire jumps, box jumps with burpees, and KB swings 15, 14, 13... So you do each workout 15 times then again but 14, and again 13, and so on till you do each workout once. In between each rep he had us run around the gym. Good workout and easy to try at home with any workout.

When my workout doesn't go how I want I don't give up but there are times I just need to take a break.  When I started out my workouts last year I had to run and I hated it (still do!)!  I was always last and just dreaded it.  My trainer would run behind me just to push me to do it. heehee...

To this day my trainer will have us run and although I do it (OH BTW, he doesn't run behind me anymore), I still can't get into it.  I am no longer the last one and although I do feel like a speedy Gonzalez at times I still dread it.  So one of my goals is to stick to the running, run more often and hoping to finally enjoy it.

So it got me thinking and I found this article.

When will running start feeling easier?

Do you run? Struggling to enjoy it?

I'm hoping I will one day but until then I will start reading more about it & work on running more often. *wink*