Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Healthy Adventure

My Healthy Adventure

I have been on a healthy adventure for almost a year now but it has been a struggle to stay on it.  I have my ups and downs as with anyone else struggling to get healthier or to lose weight.  

I started back in May when my niece convinced me to join bootcamp with her. I am so thankful that she did and from day one I was hooked! Although I couldn't complete the first days class fully I didn't give up and kept going. I still show up when I can.  There are days where my knee goes out, my shins are on fire, being sick, or like now my tailbone is in pain due to falling down the last steps of my stairs in the house. lol BUT, I will not give up!!! Almost a year to the day and I just can't go backwards now.  My goal at first was to lose 50 lbs in 6 months but then looked at the long term view.  I have lost 40 lbs and didn't get to the 50 lbs goal but I don't worry. I feel stronger, healthier & I have more energy.
 So my thoughts now are to stay strong, have more energy, eat healthier and live longer. :) 
I decided to start my low carb diet again and after my 30 days I know I will feel much better and I will eat healthier. 
So, here is my breakfast on day one...

Roasted Cauliflower, tomato, green onion and egg scramble.

Low carb doesn't have to be scary and there are so many recipes out there to make it possible to enjoy!
You will see more healthy recipes soon.  Of course, me being a Chef I have to always cook up anything that looks good and even though I can't eat it, I can taste it and someone else can enjoy it! *wink*

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