Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Caramel-Brownie bites

So.. this is what my final result was on the caramel sauce and the brownies I made last night... I didn't have any white chocolate as I think they would have popped out a bit more with it on top (may have to try that later tonight).  I placed it in a mini cupcake wrap.  Which by the way was a Christmas themed one but can you see that part? no worries... :)

This is what it looks open -->

Chocolate heaven! 

In the middle of the sandwiched brownie is more caramel.  After taking a bite out of one tho.. I'm thinking adding toffee bits would be even better! :)

I dipped it in some melted chocolate and topped it with Caramel (adding toffee bits up there would be great too!)  oh.. my head is spinning!!  lol

My kids are going to love this!  Hey, lets be honest... who cares if they do because if they don't... that means more for me! *WINK*

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